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Cultivate Curiosity | Curiously, it connects you to your younger self

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Why It's Important to Be Curious to Slow Aging

Believe it or not, curiosity can keep you younger and happier as you age. Without curiosity, you can become set in your ways and miss out on new experiences, negatively impacting your happiness and well-being. As you grow, it is only natural for you to change and like new things. Being curious and willing to learn new things keeps you open-minded and adaptable, which is crucial for aging gracefully. Feeling a little bored sometimes?

Here are a few ways to stay curious and keep your mind young as you age:

· Ask Lots of Questions

When you encounter something new, ask yourself a few questions. For example, ask how it works or why it is the way it is. The questions will stimulate your mind to develop an interest in whatever you're curious about, which keeps you mentally engaged.

Suggestion: Keep track of the number of questions you ask. And the number you hear! You will be amazed at what happens. Aren't you curious to see?

Could I get you to start a log of this? I'd like to see you have more fun!

· Join Groups and Clubs

Staying social is another excellent way to stay curious as you age. Joining groups and clubs with like-minded individuals can also help you better understand the world around you and keep your mind stimulated.

But you may not want to right now. Got it. But if you go to any kind of group setting that you already visit, you can ask questions. Have a list before you go to learn one new thing about everyone in your group. Put the list in your pocket and give yourself a prize if you can get through three old friends and learn something new about them. Share the prize if you want to and tell them what you are doing. Ask them: "Why do you think I asked you that?"

· Travel

If you've never been outside your city, consider traveling somewhere new. Exploring new places provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures and ways of life, expand your horizons, and make you more open-minded. In addition, being in unfamiliar surroundings will naturally spark curiosity, ensuring you won't get bored while exploring your destination.

What are three new things you could learn from each destination? To spice this up, your curiosity can be enhanced by doing it with your spouse or traveling companions.

Could you start your log here? If you've already done so, how could your traveling companions help you refresh your curiosity about the places you are going?

· Read More

By immersing yourself in new stories and learning about unfamiliar topics, you will naturally become more inquisitive and keep your mind active as you age.

Revisit a library and ask the librarian what is popular these days? What do they think is new about their library? New books? New sections?

Take a child or grandchild there. What do they discover? Does the library have a reading program for kids?

· Take Classes

Splurge on a class that interests you or take one that helps connect with others who share your curiosity. History, art, music, cooking, and many other topics can help keep your mind active and engaged.

Look up Lifelong learning in your area.

· Stay Inspired

Surrounding yourself with inspirational people will constantly remind you of the essential things you can achieve if you allow curiosity to guide your activities. Keeping a positive mindset is integral to staying curious as you age, so let inspiration lead the way.

You can let inspiration lead the way, or you can lead your own inspiration. Keep moving-a brisk walk can lift you out of the doldrums. After it's over, ask yourself, "Who would I like to call on the phone right now?" What would keep me inspired over the next hour? Your answer will be different after the walk. Do you agree?

· Always Be Teachable

You can always continue to develop and improve regardless of your skill level. Always be willing to learn more and apply what you've learned to your daily life. By staying teachable, you will continue to grow mentally as you mature, which will help keep you curious.

In the end, curiosity never hurts anyone - and it can help you stay young, happy, and engaged. So don't be afraid to experience new things or learn about unfamiliar topics - just keep being curious and open-minded, and you'll have no problem aging gracefully as you continue enjoying what life offers. Wouldn't you like to know how much fun you can have?

Why would you limit it?

Happy Days Ahead

Joe Grant, MBA

Certified Retirement Coach

Contact me for a Free 45 minute Consultation at

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