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Retirement Coaching Services

For Individuals, Couples, Executives and Small Business Owners

Happy Retirement
Happy Retirement

Discovery Session

The retirement of your dreams begins from a place of clarity.  Simply put, your outlook on retirement, your starting point, and the vision and goals you are targeting is an important part of designing the path toward your retirement experience. 


Begin with a complimentary no-obligation discovery session, then you can decide the direction going forward.  

Get Started With Your
Complimentary Discovery Session

Retirement Consultation

:You will find this program perfect for individuals or couples who are contemplating transition or needing to pivot in response to changing times to rework their retirement plans.  There are many vantage points to consider when it comes to developing your vision and plan for building a strong retirement foundation.   

  • Where are you now? Your vision (What’s the preferred future look like?)

  • Personal Insights and Questionnaires

  • Aligning the right resources to support your goals

  • Having an actionable plan for the next steps

Fee:  $300

Get Started With Your
Complimentary Discovery Session

Gardening Together
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VantagePoints™ Retirement Coaching Plans

There are a few options to choose from based on what we discovered in the complimentary session. 

Jumpstart Coaching Plan

This is a three-month coaching program that kicks off with a few comprehensive assessments and a thorough consultation process followed by coaching support to help you start off strong with your vision and goals. With this plan, you will:

  • Develop a Clear Map and your Vision for Retirement

  • Establish Transition Goals and a new Phase of Living

  • Develop your plan and design actionable Next Steps 

  • Guidance and Mentoring from your Retirement Coach

Deep Dive Coaching Plan

This is a ten-month follow up coaching program. You start with the Jumpstart planning platform and follow with 6 months of implementing. The final month you design the entire next year using what you have learned.

Get Started With Your
Complimentary Discovery Session

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