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I am Joe Grant, 
Retirement Transitions Coach

At YourVantagePoints, I provide positive, helpful, and effective guidance to individuals, couples, retiring executives, and small business owners who are stressed by the transition commonly called “retirement”. As a certified retirement coach, I am trained to do this both by long-time experience and the latest modern transition methods that “stick” with you for permanent and positive change. My goal is to find the path that leads to joy and satisfaction.


Let's get acquainted with a free 45-minute discovery session to explore your retirement dreams and how our work together can help you achieve them.

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More About Joe

There is a saying, "Retirement is not what you retire from, it is what you retire to. "


My coaching services are not focused on your finances.  While I have the capacity to do so, my passion is focused on making the most of what you retire to for your best days in retirement. Too often we get to retirement with a general idea of what life looks like and our desires and expectations for change. To change is one thing - follow-through is quite another if one is to find permanent relevance and satisfaction. And, hopefully, joy as well.

In my own family and our family company, this transition has been both rocky and smooth, so I came to see what made the difference, what to do and what not, and the sequence of change, which is perhaps the most important part of making it work well. Outside my family business, I continue to work confidentially with corporate executives and their managers, but also with small business owners, a very special breed. Some have had remarkable success; and all found their path improved. All had great inner strengths, and we bring those out in everyone we coach as well as finding new ones.

Professional Background:

RETIRED FINANCIAL PLANNER - 15 years ago I 'Un-retired' in a different, but closely related field - as a non-financial retirement coach. Started career as a corporate executive with leading turnarounds and start-ups and supervised 20 East coast locations with 1000+ personnel. I am a goal-oriented leader with expertise in building/training/leading culturally diverse, high-performance teams.


INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT (Management Action Programs) to Small Businesses.

Education Affiliations:

  •  MBA The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 

  •  B.Sc., Iowa State University, Ames, IA.

  • The American College - Certified Advisor for Senior Living

Career Experience:

VANTAGE POINTS, LLC,  2015 to present   A Retirement Design Firm Specializing in Successful People within  3 years of a retirement transition.

ELARA SYSTEMS, INC. • Sacramento, CA.   2001 – 2015  Executive Consultant to small business.  Training and consulting work to small and medium-sized business entities, including design of self, time, and systems management. Delivered adult training to sales and sales staff in multimedia format with participation emphasis. Also delivered  team training and leadership development



 Chartered Financial Consultant and Financial Planner

  • Established financial/management/sales consulting firm

  • Design/implement/ financial plans for high net worth individuals and small businesses

  • Develop/conduct seminars and training programs and consult/coach small business

PRUDENTIAL PREFERRED •  Sacramento, CA.   1992-1996

 Managing Director and Systems Consultant to Northern California

  • Recruited by Prudential Preferred to consult, then turn around troubled offices

  • Pioneered accountability, training, and HR systems to facilitate “Best Practices” movement.

  • Diversity recruiting for financial planning positions



  • President and Managing Partner

  • Assistant Corporate Regional Director • Milwaukee, WI

  • Executive retention; Promotion training design; Supervision of 1600 people; Designed sales training

Are we a good fit?

Let's find out!

I offer a complimentary 45 free discovery session to learn more about your needs and thoughts about retirement, explore the options and to answer the unknowns.  

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