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2024 Expectations | January and Beyond

Updated: Jan 21

Dear Friends,


I hope you have a plan to step through the door that is 2024. A clear path forward.

If not, then a small step is your best shot. Forget the plan...for now, and get off the couch, step through the door, and 'burn the ships'. Part of your comfort will disappear, but exhilartion will replace it.

Either way we must DO something. Let's just go with what you've got in the way of good intentions, and we'll get the perspective along the way. Just begin!

So many fundamental life lessons can be ignored if your goal is maintaining comfort. Deep down, we crave a little adventure, a treasure hunt, if you will. Sometimes cultivating curiosity points the way. Other times you just have to change something with a simple step like shopping at a different store, or driving a different way to work. Read this little thought from Shel Silverstein out loud to yourself:

"Layin' in the Sun,

Talkin' Bout The Things

They Woulda - Coulda - Shoulda Done...

But All Those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

All Ran Away And Hid

From One Little Did."

The maze path will get a lot clearer with perspective. Perspective unlocks the tool box, starts the car, moves obstacles. So simple it works. Yet, you must keep questioning yourself and pushing yourself.

Often when I coach this kind of follow through I draw on this book:

One Small Step Can Change Your Life - The Kaizen Way, by Robert Maurer, PhD.

Once you read it you will read it often because it is so practical AND easy to follow. It gives you great perspective.

Look now at this image:

What has changed? Tell me what you see and what it suggests for your 2024 thinking. Share the two images with a friend. It is quite remarkable to see what two or more people come up with in the way of practical steps based on nothing but a shift in viewpoint. It leads to what Steven Covey called "paradigm shifts". Once upon a time he told me they were the only effective method to change our lives in a lasting way. I agree. (The flat earth society will find a way to censor this).

Why not try this and let me know what you think?

Happy Days Ahead

Joe Grant, MBA

Certified Retirement Coach

Contact me for a Free 45 minute Conversation at

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