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Artificial Intelligence? Could It Be A Retirement Benefit?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

AI is Lifelong Learning - A Path to Staying Younger

Know What?

As we all know (or are vaguely aware) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in on TV, in print news, and most internet sources. Microsoft and its browsers (Bing and Edge) have adopted it to help with searches. Elon Musk ( Check out YouTube search) and many other technical titans have spoken thoughtfully about the dangers of AI in that a big supercomputer may learn to think independently, then form it's own world with other computers to take over ours. A bit scary!

This is a good example of the rate of change AND the volume of change overtaking our ability to evaluate and adapt. We could become obsolete as a species! Or we could miss an opportunity.

AI could be like a super new tool - the wheel, or fire, or the telescope, or a computer. It is a profound and powerful moment in history.

So What?

There have been other times of overwhelming change, like the Renaissance and its after effects from, loosely, 1450 to 1550. Only 500 years ago. There are others more recent.

In each of these eras, those who took the time so see what was happening and then made some decisions about what would affect them PERSONALLY had a fuzzy plan, but it was a plan they could act on, nonetheless. Then, they acted on what they found out to analyze what their actions told them. Then they acted on that. This process gave them a huge advantage.

Personally speaking, my 14 year old grandson (and his 45 year old mother) are learning ChatGPT4 to help the teachers in his school know how to use it. Subjects are best learned by teaching the subject. They have taught me (85 years old) some very interesting things about how to use Chat GPT4 for people over age 50. I muddled through and found it holds some fascinating possibilities for any age. You, personally, have something at your age and within your circumstances that could improve your life. But you don't know what you don't know - therefore, you must cultivate curiosity.

Now What?

You must DO something. But here it is wise to follow the idea of Get ready- Aim - Fire instead of Fire - Ready - Aim. You need to see how AI works and find some rules you follow. For example, you could check local sources - community colleges, libraries, lifelong learning groups, local schools, techie friends - anywhere people with open minds visit and try to think together. Ask questions. Find out who knows or is studying AI and its applications.

Start with one or two applications. Maybe its a computer class, then move up. If you have a computer (or the library does), You could use your search engines like Bing or Edge. Play with the answers you get. Its my amateur opinion that ChatGPT can teach us all a lot as long as we remember that its data base is about 2 years old. A good rule of thumb is: "Don't ask it a question that you don't already have an answer to." That just means you have to evaluate the response to your questions and refine the questions you ask about your subject.

It really is helpful if you can do this with other interested companions, and do it for a couple of months on a regular basis - a study group. If you do, you will rapidly become one of those who knows what this latest "Renaissance" is revealing about YOUR future, and YOUR way forward in these times of powerful historical change. It can be painful to blunder around in the dark alone. You and a friend can open some windows. See the lights at any age and enjoy!

Lastly, call or contact me when you have an AHA and share it. It's fun to compare notes!

Happy Days Ahead

Joe Grant, MBA

Certified Retirement Coach

Contact me for a Free 45 minute Consultation at

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