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Finding Well Being All the way to age 100+

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

At Every Level You Will Perceive Different Things - Your Vantage Points

The different levels in the photo of Sugarloaf in Rio de Janiero are connected by cable cars and walkways and ferrys. Every level or position gives a different perspective that adds to your well-being and satisfacton of being present at that unique place. Also, each place suggests that if you went to a different one it could be just as satisfying or even moreso.

As you move from place to place each of the previous destinations is enhanced by your memories of the last perspective. You can say then: "I really had a rich, in depth experience."

From age 50-100 is where we usually come face to face with retirement as it personally affects us. We become aware of the downsides and, hopefully, good options for a fulfilled life. Often we seek to slow aging and to increase well-being as biology works against us. Can we feel good, get better, be sharper mentally? Can we stay inspired all the way to the last snippet of this space-time? The answer is a resounding yes - provided you make good choices based on firm values and purpose.

The connections between these intangibles are very much like the picture above. One view can be inspiring - together they constitute a compelling vision.

So at this point you may ask: where do I begin the search for my well-being pathway all the way to 100+? Hopefully, you will contact me sometime to compare notes and gain perspective. You can look for friends to pursue the journey with you. Or you can begin the journey yourself first, and that way you know what your unique challenges might be. To get you going today, and, frankly, to encourage you to call me later on to compare notes, there are some links below. If you follow them you may find one of those high places like those appearing in the photo.

You might find several of them, and, when they change your outlook you have found a vantage point you can keep using. It's very gratifying to me to know that you found one. Why not share it? Sharing it is a way for you to learn more about why it is important to you. In return I can share some other free ideas about well-being to age 100.

Happy Days Ahead!

Joe Grant MBA

Certified Retirement Coach

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