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Expectations | The Heart Is In Your Plan..Now What?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

RISK is Not a Simple Concept - This Diagram Can Make It Your Friend

(Continuation of Last Week's Blog Process)

This diagram is a crude, homemade drawing - purposefully so. It is the way I recommend that you direct yourself as you plan the next quarter or next year. If you haven't already, grab a plain white sheet of paper and put the four corners of your puzzle on it. Then draw a simple heart in the center. You are on your way!

Why do it as I recommend? When you do it this way it is YOUR plan process, not mine. Here is a related and powerful point - have you seen that many elementary schools are now requiring cursive writing? The comments of the students who do it tell the same story I am telling with this blog.There is something about holding a pen to paper with your mind engaged that is vastly superior to filling out a template someone else created.

Will it win a prize in an art contest? Likely not. Will you remember what is in it from month to month and be more likely to use it to evaluate daily RISK, set goals, manage time, enhance resources? Yes.

Some ideas for you to complete yours before January eats you alive with its demands:

  1. Start at the top unless you feel compelled to do otherwise. Health and Relationships are places where you can get emotional power and emotional intelligence.

  2. Then, move towards the bottom two corners by going downward through the Heart and see if you can clearly state your Purpose in life. Write it out if you can.

  3. Do any obvious outcomes pop out? Any inklings of a new direction?

  4. Moving quickly to the two bottom corners Time and Resources, do you sense some things that could help or hinder you in your coming week, month, year? Discretionary time is described as True Wealth by a famous consultant, Alan Weiss. If you have none, what must change?

  5. Make notes you can review - just write out (cursive?) whatever comes to mind as you do the first four steps.

Note the large blank spaces where the puzzle lacks pieces. I don't know what you should put in these areas. However, I can suggest a way you might find yours. Here's a possible list of "pieces" that might fit. Notice they are areas where you can grow and set objectives around needs and wants.

  • Knowledge enhancement eg take an online course, or go back to community college

  • Skill learning and practice eg, join a local book club or singing group or art class

  • Habit formation around group reinforcement, eg investment club, or walking group

  • Attitude enhancement groups, eg, Al Anon, Meditation Centers, Tai Chi, Bridge

  • Finally, the RISK piece. Where do you sense that there is something you would like to do but never have done and it is a bit scary to think about?

When you have thought about your puzzle the first time I would just put it away for a future session with yourself within a day or two. See what happens when you let your sub-conscious percolate overnight. Your intuition is so very powerful, but most people don't use it effectively. After a few days you might find you are tantalized by something that just won't go away.

As this process unfolds you hopefully will find and learn things about yourself that are both charming and powerful. You should perceive which ideas hold the most and least risk, the ones you can control and those you cannot. Perhaps your TIME next year can be allocated accordingly. Trade ideas with me via email. I'll be puzzling a lot in the coming weeks.

Good Hunting!

Happy Days Ahead

Joe Grant, MBA

Certified Retirement Coach

Contact me for a Free 45 minute Consultation at

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