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Old Pier


You've Worked Hard Your Entire Life...

Ready for the next adventure?

Whether getting ready to retire or already retired, you can do so with ease and joy.  Retirement is an ongoing journey of planning, experiencing, and growing - not resting on past success. You may or may not continue with some form of "work" to fulfill your purpose. However, dealing successfully with internal struggles will be even more important than it has been previously.  


I'm Joe Grant
Certified Retirement Coach

I offer retirement transition coaching for individuals, couples, executives, and businesses, large and small.

My goal is to positive, helpful, and effective non-financial guidance for those who are stressed by the transition commonly called “retirement” in their personal lives or organization. 


My professional background and specialized training as a coach provide both long experience (the best teacher), and the latest modern transition methods that “stick” with you or your organization for permanent and positive change.


To change is one thing - following through is quite another - if you want to find permanent relevance and satisfaction. And, hopefully, joy as well.

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How might retirement transition coaching help?

It all begins with a Complimentary Discovery Session.
This 45-minute discovery session is our opportunity to get acquainted, learn more about your needs and thoughts on retirement, explore the options and to answer the unknowns. All at not cost, and no-obligation.

Co-Authored 3 Books with The Retirement Coaches Association

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